The Medieval Fantasy City - Small

The Medieval Fantasy City Generator is an algorithm that procedurally generates a random, interactive, and editable medieval city map based on different input options. Options can include various city sizes, colors, and many features that the city will have or omit, like temples, walls, a river, a sea, and a citadel, to name a few. Once generated, you can copy and share permalinks to made maps or export them as a nice SVG or PNG image.

Created cities are arbitrary, as the primary goal is to produce a nice-looking map and not an accurate model of some old town.

I like the whole project, especially the maps that it is generating. I also found this entire topic extremely exciting and quite intriguing, as it is showing us one of the directions that modern cartography is heading. It is a glance into the future in which algorithms will take over part of map production by creating procedurally generated maps and a future in which humans will not be needed anymore. Maybe.

If you are interested in examining the under-the-hood code, the entire project is open-sourced and available on GitHub, and you can follow the project’s development on the blog.

The Medieval Fantasy City - Large