Hic Sunt Dracones


Hi, I am Tomo Bacinger, a Talent Operations Director, and Cartographer.

Maps and visualizations are my passion.
Being a great engineer is multi-disciplinary.

Talent Operations Director

As a Talent Operations and Matching director, I work closely with clients to understand their needs and ensure we place and match the right engineers. I orchestrate the end-to-end recruiting and own the assessment. I oversee the talent experience in their hiring venture.

I have a proven track record of modernizing and optimizing the vetting processes. My innovative screenings helped and enabled talents to get hired faster and more efficiently.

I utilize people analytics to make goal-focused decisions.


As a Data Visualization Expert, I have extensive in-depth GIS knowledge and a broad geospatial background. I explore unknown areas, bring a sense of data, and create immersive data visualizations and maps.

My mapping tools of choice are QGIS and Blender.


Email: tomo@hicsuntdra.co

Hic sunt dracones, or Here be dragons, is a phrase that early cartographers used for unexplored and uncharted parts of the maps.