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F1 Las Vegas Street Circuit Layout in Vector GeoJSON

Las Vegas Street Circuit

In March 2022, Formula 1β„’ announced Las Vegas Grand Prix. The world-famous neon lights of Las Vegas will provide the backdrop to Formula 1’s newest race when the American city hosts a night event in 2023. Joining Miami and Austin, the Las Vegas Grand Prix will be one of three United States races.

Las Vegas Street Circuit in QGIS

The new 17-turn track will run for 6.116 km (3.8 miles), with top speeds expected to hit around 342km/h (212mph) on the main 1.920 km (1.193 mi) long straight. The circuit starts in an old parking lot that will now be repurposed for the paddock area and contains a permanent track with pits. The rest of the racetrack will reuse regular city streets, similar to Jeddah and Monaco. The F1 cars will pass near famous Las Vegas attractions, around the new MSG Sphere arena, and flat-out through the Las Vegas Strip, the straight section next to some of Las Vegas’s most famous hotels and casinos like the Mirage and Bellagio.

Thanks to Wikipedia enthusiasts who described the route in great detail, I could reconstruct the future layout and create a vector GeoJSON version of the track.

Las Vegas Street Circuit β€” F1 Racing Track Map Poster Over High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

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πŸ‰ November 2, 2023