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GPS Gauss Tool Hits v1.0

Carl Friedrich Gauss

A big update for the GPS Gauss tool, as it finally reached v1.0 version!

The tool is written in pure JavaScript and is relying on two open sources projects: OpenLayers for cartography and Proj4js for actual transformation calculations. I use no server-side scripts. However, the biggest issue is the total size of the tool, which is a bit over 1MB, out of which OpenLayers v2.12 is 820KB big. Therefore, I decided to move to a much smaller mapping library, Leaflet.

While I was rewriting the mapping part, I also decided to use Bootstrap to get a better UI experience, especially on mobile devices. Also, I replaced all raster icons with Font Awesome icons. On the development side, I upgraded few pieces too, notably the way I use Git, and I started using Grunt to help me with packaging and building parts.

Again, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to get in touch via the method of your choice.

🐉 November 17, 2014