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GPS Coordinates to Gauss–Krüger Transformations

Carl Friedrich Gauss

I created a simple web tool that is transforming coordinates between different coordinate systems used in the Balkans, with enabled visualization on a map. Namely, the supported coordinates systems at this point are:

  • HTRS96/TM,
  • Gauss–Krüger zone 5,
  • Gauss–Krüger zone 6,
  • WGS84.

One of the use case examples is transforming GPS coordinates from WGS84 to Gauss–Krüger projection, and vice versa.

As mentioned, the application is pretty simple, and the usage should be straightforward. You can transform either one coordinate at a time, or upload a file with multiple coordinates, where supported file types are CSV and GPX. Also, when you do the transformation, you can download newly transformed coordinates in a CSV file. For the application to parse the input coordinates and CSV files successfully, it is essential to pay attention that coordinates have a decimal point and are separated by a comma. The application should be smart enough to detect and recognize the supported input coordinate system, and the user only needs to select the desired output coordinate system.

It is noteworthy to notice that I am respecting your privacy, and therefore, the application is not storing nor transmitting submitted coordinates over the internet; all the data is stored only temporarily in the local browser memory.

In the end, please note that this is the first public beta version (v0.9.2). I am sure there are still bugs and issues, but I am committed to updating and improving it in the future. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to get in touch via the method of your choice.

Happy transforming!

🐉 July 4, 2013