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How to Create Simple Maps Quickly

Pixel Map

Creating beautiful and informative maps is not easy.

Map making is a combination of art and science, and people study for a long time to master all the cartography skills.

However, there are many situations when you need to create a simple map very quickly.

What can you do?

Pixel Map Generator by amCharts is an impressive little tool; it is very easy to use and is very compelling with lots of advanced features that many creative talents, like designers and developers, will love to use, and I am even sure many cartographers will find it useful.

What does it offer? For a start, you can create a map of the whole world or just pick one country. You can select colors for land and surrounding water, add custom text (labels), and add POIs using different simple icons. Cartographers will love the option to change the default, and often hated, Mercator projection.

However, its biggest strength is the possibility to create pixel maps, as its name implies. You can pick between four different pixel shapes with options to set the size and the distance between pixels. In the end, you can export the generated map as SVG, PNG, or HTML. It is an elegant and powerful tool. Go and check it out.

🐉 June 27, 2016