Beyond Blender Hillshade Maps

1 minute read

Exploring different 3D mapping styles. Going beyond the usual Blender hillshade maps. Meet Oblique views and Tanaka-style maps.

If All the Ice Melted Maps

1 minute read

What would the world look like if all the ice on Earth were to melt? I explore the maps that give us a glimpse into a potential future and serve as a powerfu...

Blender 3D Shaded Relief Maps

2 minute read

I started using Blender to create 3D Shaded Relief Maps and mashups and made viral social media posts on the way.

Formula 1 Circuits Repository

2 minute read

The lack of available data triggered an idea, resulting in the new mapping project - Formula 1™ circuits repository.

Twitter #30DayMapChallenge 2020

6 minute read

The Twitter 30 Days Map Challenge’s idea is to create and publish maps based on different themes each day of the month.

earth - Global Wind Map  » Direct Link

earth, a global wind map of the entire world, is a visualization of global weather conditions. It is based on the weather forecasts made by supercomputers of...

Is D3 a New Web Mapping Tool?

2 minute read

D3.js, or Data-Driven Documents, is a JavaScript framework for manipulating documents based on data, using pure HTML, SVG, and CSS, with full emphasis on the...